Blue World Education

Blue World Entrepreneurial and Business Management Skills Education

According to Bloomberg 80% of businesses fail.  Unless someone tells us why 80% of businesses fail that statistic is USELESS!  Blue World Asset Managers, LTD. offers a cafeteria of courses to individuals and groups who want to maximize the opportunity for enterprise success through practical, real-world information about practices common to successful businesses.  The material is mission critical for any entrepreneur, business owner, and management team.

Topics List:

  • Business Philosophy
    • Defining success
    • Defining “profit,” “cash flow,” and “success”
    • Differentiating “profitability” from “success”
    • Generating a plan to reach and sustain success
    • Business Entities—Sole proprietorships, Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, C Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Business Concepts
    • What is a business?
    • What is your job?
    • Why your “business” is not unique
    • The three components of every business
    • The three key steps to success in every business
    • Funding Basics—Bootstrapping, borrowing, friends and family, Angel groups, Venture Capital groups
  • Essential Management Skills and Responsibilities
    • Choosing and properly utilizing the professional team
      • Legal, accounting, investment, risk management
      • Understanding the lifecycle of a business—Managing start-up, early, mid, and later stage growth
    • Core Management and Analysis skills
      • Internal Analysis
        • Introduction to Financial Statements
          • Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows
        • Interpretation, metrics and analysis
      • Industry Analysis
      • Economic Analysis
    • Succession Planning
    • Estate Planning