The Blue World Economic Index™

Brief Explanation of the Blue World Economic Index™©

The Blue World Economic Index™ gives the business manager a quick and easy way to understand the current state of the economy as viewed through the eyes of other business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs, as opposed to those of economists, brokerages, or politicians.

The index follows over 50 economic releases each month from private and governmental sources.  It accounts for the current report, the recent trend, and the longer term trend.  A discretionary value based on 20+ years of experience as academic, entrepreneur, and manager is assigned and the value calculated.  The report values for each of the 8 major categories are distilled into a category composite, which are then combined to yield the overall composite.

The index is a rolling data format and typically updated daily.

The index range is -2 to +2 where -2 suggests a very a weak, declining, recessionary economy and +2 suggests a robust and growing economy, with 0 suggesting a flat, sluggish economy.

Blue World plans to offer subscription based access to the database allowing users full research capabilities into reports relevant to their enterprise.

The 8 Major Categories:

  • Consumer
  • Employment
  • General
  • Inflation
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Services

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