Material Update – Blue World Jobs Report Analysis – 5-8-2017

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Date Monday, May 08, 2017

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Material Update

In the April release for March 2017 we observed that the numbers just weren’t lining up among the jobs related data sets. We predicted some revisions and they showed up today in what we considered to be material enough to append this morning’s release of the Blue World jobs analysis.

As our regular readers know, the unemployment rate as published has lost its value as an indicator of labor market health. The numbers deep in the weeds need to be reviewed to get a true sense of where we are. We are not saying the labor market is “strong” by any means but we are starting to see some movement in the right direction, especially in certain down-and-out sectors like Logging and Mining as well as the apparent flattening of the Not in Labor Force graph from this morning’s release. We also had the unique situation last month where the headline was a disaster but the detail was a bit better.

All that finally showed up today in the Fed’s Labor Market Conditions Index (Chart) which looks at similar data to Blue World to form a picture worthy of monetary policy consideration. The release was delayed at the source and we have to believe it’s because they had to check their numbers because there were up revisions to the entire year 2017 to date. This is more in line with what Blue World has been seeing and, certainly, a different picture than last month.

So, with that, consider yourself updated. May we manage May well! (Yes, we hear the well- deserved boos.)

Thanks for reading, and please stay tuned…

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