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Wednesday, October 08, 2014


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 “Evil Dead – The Musical”


WOW, the “experts” are everywhere and never cease to amaze!  Our readers are used to us bashing them for their cluelessness when it comes to economics and market analysis, but apparently “experts” live in the entertainment critique sector as well.  We know that impressions of entertainment are completely subjective, and anyone is allowed to like or dislike anything they choose, but some of these “experts” blew our minds with their critiques of Evil Dead – The Musical!

Look through the reviews of this production and you’ll see the nose-in-the-air experts” enthusiastically pasting “not recommended” all over their critiques.  They offer a serious and technical review of the show – ya get that ?– a serious, technical review of evil dead – the musical.  How seriously must one take oneself to do that?  This is not Phantom, Les Miz, or Madame Butterfly.  IT’S EVIL DEAD – THE MUSICAL!

Let’s start here; is it lighthearted family entertainment?  No.  There is overt sexual humor and very coarse language.  If, however, you’ve taught your children right from wrong, what is acceptable vs. unacceptable behavior for them, and the difference between real blood and fake blood they’ll be fine, as was the adorable 10 year old girl sitting in the front row of the Splatter Zone for what was apparently her birthday.

After that, any hint of “serious” should stop.  This production was just plain fun as it was intended, “experts!”  We’ve certainly attended many productions that have thrilled the “experts” and walked out disappointed.  This show was an absolute blast!  We haven’t been that entertained in quite some time.  BTW, when I say “we” I refer to myself, my wife, and our 16 year old son.

The cast wonderfully overacted the stereotypical B horror movie roles, the voices were great, the dialogue and lyrics were hysterical and the cross-referencing of sequels and original cast were woven in beautifully.  Some humor was at an eighth grade, in your face level and some was very cerebral.  How could writers and actors be asked for more?

If any of the following are true, Blue World says “highly recommended”:

  • You like horror movies, especially the campy ones
  • You saw the Evil Dead movies, especially the original
  • You have a sense of humor
  • You realize your expelled digestive byproduct may yield an unpleasant osmic experience for those around you (That means you know your poop stinks, “experts”)

If none of the above are true you wrote “not recommended.”



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