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Friday, September 30, 2016

The following will, at first, seem out of place for this report, but we feel strongly that a distinction needs to be made particularly for our “expert” friends in the regular media. We feel the inclusion will be sufficiently elucidated and justified in paragraph 2.















In an election year the economy is usually high profile, but domestic riots, terrorism, and illegal immigration are taking center stage for very good reason. The problem, of course, is that those things impact the economy in very profound ways. September 2016 is a tragic example of how profound it can be. As viewed through the eyes of an entrepreneur, business owner, and investor of real money (that means outside the markets), September 2016 set an all-time record low for the Blue World Economic Index®.

The composite landed at -.45, with deterioration in six of eight major categories. As we head for November we humbly submit that the result of the last eight year’s policy positions is well documented. If sub 3% GDP, sub 64% employment participation rate, and stifling regulation and taxation are your managerial success accelerators then the choice is clear. If not, equally clear. For those missing our leanings we suggest this is a case where unknown is preferable to known.

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