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Date: May 4, 2016

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This one is decidedly mixed. There is some good and some bad in the places we’ve come to expect.

The headline came in at 164k, but the Private Sector actually added 168k as Government payrolls shed 4k. 168k is not stellar but well within most consensus ranges and keeps the 2018 average at 200k, but that is still on the strength of the incredible February numbers. If we adjust Feb to the average of the other three months the average drops to 160k, but the upward revision of 30k to the last two months helps the outlook. The Labor Force lost 236k, but the Number of Unemployed persons fell by the same amount.

Still disappointing, in our view, the Participation Rate fell to 62.8. There are those “experts” interpreting that as evidence of tight labor conditions when coupled with the diminishing Labor Force. While we get it, we have to take the more cautious approach of noting that the rise in the Not in Labor Force total exceeds the drop in Labor Force size, and there is still no meaningful wage pressure, so we still lean negative on the notion that employment is so great that employers can’t find workers. That’s a tough sell. As we’ve pointed out in the past, there is no such thing as a “jobless recovery.” Add to that, “there is no such thing as full employment without wage inflation.” If employers are adding workers and not having to pay more for them then supply is likely still high. In the Blue World Economic Index® report, posted Monday, we expressed our view that today’s jobs report would be the dove/hawk tie-breaker for the next Fed meeting as the quarterly Employment Cost Index report signaled wage inflation, but the monthly Personal Income and Outlays report did not. Today’s report definitely corroborates Personal Income and Outlays, so let’s hope the hawks remain perched.

The Diffusion Indexes are still comfortably above 50 but posted their second monthly decline in a row and have fallen below their year-ago marks. Manufacturing and Construction had good showings again with regard to payrolls and wages, with Construction jumping 3.7% and 4.2% for Hourly and Weekly pay year over year.

If we were pressed we’d say this report is mixed with a positive lean, but you know we don’t care about any single report, anyway. We care about the trends. In a post from October of 2012 entitled “A Flute with no Holes is not a Flute and a Recovery Without Jobs is not a Recovery”, we compared labor market charts from past recession/recoveries going back to the 70’s to show how the trends in a true recovery look. If we look at today’s chart we can see there is, in fact, finally a robust recovery under way.

Have a wonderful May and we look forward to posting the next Blue World Economic Index® report at the end of the month.

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Blue World Reviews EVIL DEAD – THE MUSICAL

Wednesday, October 08, 2014


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 “Evil Dead – The Musical”


WOW, the “experts” are everywhere and never cease to amaze!  Our readers are used to us bashing them for their cluelessness when it comes to economics and market analysis, but apparently “experts” live in the entertainment critique sector as well.  We know that impressions of entertainment are completely subjective, and anyone is allowed to like or dislike anything they choose, but some of these “experts” blew our minds with their critiques of Evil Dead – The Musical!

Look through the reviews of this production and you’ll see the nose-in-the-air experts” enthusiastically pasting “not recommended” all over their critiques.  They offer a serious and technical review of the show – ya get that ?– a serious, technical review of evil dead – the musical.  How seriously must one take oneself to do that?  This is not Phantom, Les Miz, or Madame Butterfly.  IT’S EVIL DEAD – THE MUSICAL!

Let’s start here; is it lighthearted family entertainment?  No.  There is overt sexual humor and very coarse language.  If, however, you’ve taught your children right from wrong, what is acceptable vs. unacceptable behavior for them, and the difference between real blood and fake blood they’ll be fine, as was the adorable 10 year old girl sitting in the front row of the Splatter Zone for what was apparently her birthday.

After that, any hint of “serious” should stop.  This production was just plain fun as it was intended, “experts!”  We’ve certainly attended many productions that have thrilled the “experts” and walked out disappointed.  This show was an absolute blast!  We haven’t been that entertained in quite some time.  BTW, when I say “we” I refer to myself, my wife, and our 16 year old son.

The cast wonderfully overacted the stereotypical B horror movie roles, the voices were great, the dialogue and lyrics were hysterical and the cross-referencing of sequels and original cast were woven in beautifully.  Some humor was at an eighth grade, in your face level and some was very cerebral.  How could writers and actors be asked for more?

If any of the following are true, Blue World says “highly recommended”:

  • You like horror movies, especially the campy ones
  • You saw the Evil Dead movies, especially the original
  • You have a sense of humor
  • You realize your expelled digestive byproduct may yield an unpleasant osmic experience for those around you (That means you know your poop stinks, “experts”)

If none of the above are true you wrote “not recommended.”



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