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Friday, July 08, 2016

Brain Surgery is not Rocket Science to a Brain Surgeon©








…and there was much rejoicing!

Not so fast! If we eat Robin’s minstrels the labor force will get even smaller! (Please ping us if you know the reference)

There is what the financial industry wants us to think. There is what politicians want us to think, and then there is what business managers need to know. What we need to know is this; keep the defense on the field.

Without beating the numbers into the ground let’s just say that the big up today did not even recover some key losses to last month and averages are fully uninspiring. Our headline is 287k, with the Private Sector at 265k, both respectable. The size of the Labor Force and the Total Employed are only running 1% above 2015 averages, the Participation Rate .2% and new private sector hires are 63k short of the 2015 average, continuing a down trend that started in Q4 2015.

Wages are decidedly boring and the work week is so flat it would sound like Matt trying to sing (Matt should never try to sing).

Ultimately we have a bounce back toward average today, and the average isn’t very good. These opinions are corroborated by the Blue World Economic Index® for June 2016. Will the Fed be announcing a rate hike? We think it less likely than the Finding Bigfoot team announcing success. Watch for the Labor Markets Conditions Index out on Monday, and we’ll post an update if one is needed.

Matt will be live on AM780 and 105.9FM with CBS Chicago’s Noon Business Hour at 12:09 CDT today to talk about all this stuff.


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