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Friday, February 06, 2015

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Hey fellas, Pay Attention!!

It just keeps getting weirder…

There were huge revisions to the upside for December and November 2014, yet the number of those unemployed for less than five to more than 27 weeks jumped.  The unemployment rate went up.  The participation rate remains below 63%, and the number of those unemployed rose…again.  Fuzzy math indeed.

That sums up a lot of the relevant numbers for January 2015, but also of note is that the headline number for this month was 257k new jobs.  In a reversal from the norm, the private sector number was better than that (267k) because government reports shedding 10k jobs for the month.  Hours and wages for the total private sector, construction and manufacturing remain uninspiring and that is consistent with data from all the other economic releases over the past month.  Of particular note are the Factory Orders and Productivity and Costs reports.  The number of those at work part-time for economic reasons is up, and sadly, there are 1.1M more citizens Not in the Labor Force than there were in January of 2014.

We follow over forty reports per month, note the data points as they’re published and follow the short and long term trends.  We put it all together for an overall profile of our economy and the profile is flat. How many times can we say it? (Rhetorical)  Policy matters and these don’t work.

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